Heaven, Human, and Earth are basic elements of the philosophy of life of Vietnamese Ancestors.

Human is a bridge of Heaven and Earth.

Earth is the supporter of the Human physical life.

Heaven is a spacious spirit of human.

Human cannot be whole without the connections of Heaven and Earth.

The sun shines through the branches, radiating its light over a peaceful landscape. The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming with beautiful colors. The clouds gently float on the wind, adding more touches to the clear blue sky. What an incredible sight Creation has brought to humanity. Have you ever experienced such a gift?

"Back to Nature and Breathing" is a handbook bearing my dream. It is a simple dream with a simple method; humans will escape the pain of illness, live without depression, and be truly happy every moment of their lives.....read more

Author: Nhu Nguyen     





  1. Bui Hau, in San Jose, is a Doctor who has started to practice “Back to Nature” Qi Gong while in the process of Kidney dialysis. He has many illnesses due to the aging of his body. When presented with “Back to Nature” Qigong, he did not believe this practice could help him achieve a healthy body. He just wanted to practice for a while to test how it would work. After a period of exercise, a simple exercise, he realized that his health improved markedly, he was no longer tired and bored as before. After six months of training, the doctor confirmed that his kidney function had recovered. Currently, practicing the “Back to Nature” Qigong is an indispensable daily routine for him and his family.
  2. Le Nhu Hoa, in San Jose. She has asthma, allergies, and quite a big goiter when we talked. She practices swimming, her sickness was reduced but not totally gone. However, thanks to “Back to Nature” Qi Gong, after practicing for a year her asthma and allergies have disappeared. Her goiter was very much smaller.
  3. Nguyen Kim, in Westminster, has asthma and nighttime cramps. She listened to “Back to Nature” talk show on Vietstar Radio and decided to come to the exercises. She now feels that her health is progressing. She said thanks to the “Roar breathing” her Asthma has gone, and has stopped all medicine. Nighttime cramps are gone and she sleeps much better.
  4. Ms. Ho Ngoc is currently in Sacramento. She has breast cancer and is being treated with chemotherapy. She travels from Sacramento every two weeks to San Jose to practice. Up to now it has been a full year, she feels good and her sleep has been restored. Her red blood cells have been fully reconstructed without redundancy nor lack of it.
  5. Ms. Ghet Ong is from Garden Grove, known “Back to Nature” from Radio show. Her legs were hurting from sitting to work too much. After a period of exercise, her leg pain disappeared, and high blood pressure, high cholesterol reduced considerably. She also joined her 82-year-old mother to practice. After only 4 sessions, the spirit and health of her mother has progressed well, eating well, sleeping well, her legs pain has gone. Her eyes were happy to say, "I told the children that now I am the qigong practitioner I feel well. My children are so happy!!!"
  6. Ms. Hoa Tien, San Jose. With “Back to Nature,” I have to invest a lot of time to understand its meaning. We need time to purify the disease from the body. Helping to protect our health is an early step in spiritual evolution. In the “Back to Nature” workout, opening up wisdom is a necessary step for a peaceful life. All evolutionary steps take time. Some notice the evolution immediately, some do not notice any change after a period of practice. This is normal and is entirely dependent upon the individual. If one is persistent in practice will recognize positive progress in both body and mind whether fast or slow. I do not have any serious illness that needs to cure by practicing Qigong. I just want to exercise to maintain my health for my business. After practicing “Back To Nature” Qigong, I realized that illnesses are hidden within our bodies, and they merely wait for the opportunity to develop in our bodies. With the theory and practice of “Back to Nature,” I found my true self and my place in Nature. With such awareness, I found the connection between myself and Nature. My health has improved and the spirit of serenity. Thanks to “Back to Nature” training, I feel as if I caught the key to enter the door of Nature, the key to have a peaceful Mind and healthy Body.
  7. Ms. Nguyen Khoai, in Santa Ana, 85 years old, lives alone, without children or grandchildren, in Orange County. Three days a week, she takes the bus to attend the class. After a few weeks, she no longer lost sleep and body’s aches have disappeared; now she feels very happy and loves life.
  8. Ms. Truong Thi Xuan, 69 years old, practiced for nearly a year. Now she doesn’t feel not very tired and no back pain like before. In addition, her sleep is also better. A few years ago, she had a spinal fracture due to a hollow bone and fell. Thanks to the “Back to Nature” qigong, her hollow bone was decrease. Now she can move as a health person.
  9. Ms. Hai Dam, in Westminster, trained for three and a half months, suffering from arm aches, her legs keep shaking so she cannot walk fast. Now, her arm heals, her legs are not shaken and so they can move quickly. Her voice now is strong and loud. There is pink color of her skin has returned, her face looks young and prettier.
  10. Mr. Dan Bui, 65, has been practicing for a year, suffering from serious gout and sciatica that have been treated in many places but not recover well. With the willing to win and believe in “Back To Nature” theory, after 3 months of training his illness was terminated. Now he can move quickly, he also has big smile: I can eat meat like before.
  11. My name is Mai Ke-leman, from Santa Ana. I practiced for about nine months. I attended the class because my middle finger was in pain so much that I could not curl it. I am a teacher, the students usually laugh at my finger whenever they see me writing on the board. I am very busy that’s why I cannot attend the class often well but nevertheless I had a very good effect. My middle finger only aches about 5% compared to before I practice “Back To Nature”. When I wake up, my finger is a little numb, after stretching few time, it’s gone. Also, my sleep is much deeper.
  12. Mr. Nguyen Tuan, currently in San Diego. Accidentally heard the master talking on the radio Vietstar, when coming to Orange County. Inspired by his powerful voice, I came to buy the “Back to Nature” book to read. I have read and said to myself, "This is what I am looking for." One year later, I came to the qigong when I had time. Low-aching rheumatism has tormented me over 30 years. The hands and arms are often aching; sometimes the pain spreads to my head so I cannot work. After attending “Back to Nature” Qi Gong about 5 months, my health has improved a lot. People around me recognized and were amazed at my physical and mental changes. I will continue to overcome all hardships to complete the training to restore my healthy body and spirit.
  13. Mr. Trieu Duc and Mrs. Bach Tuyet Thi Ngo in San Jose. Mr Trieu, he often feels very tired after a day of work. After practicing breathing he no longer felt as prone to fatigue as before. Particularly, Ms Ngo, she had pain in her arm and it was very difficult to dress. After one month of hard work, the pain was gone.
  14. Mr. Vuong Thao, 72, living in Costa Mesa, Orange County, is happy to share his one-year anniversary of the “Back to Nature” Qigong. He said that before his body was very debilitated, especially that he was dizzy most of the time during the day; when standing up or sit down he had to hold on the chair otherwise he would easily fall. Now his health is recovering, he is not tired, or aching as before. Now he attends the advance class, he feels loved and excited. He shared more, he especially loves the practice of turning the tongue in the mouth of the “Back to Nature,” he had had surgery on his nose and mouth several times because of cancer, so the salivary glands are no longer normal as before, and his mouth is always dry. The doctor said there was no other way than to sip water continuously. Yet his salivary glands were restored to good function by the technique of turning the tongue of “Back to Nature,” such an amazing exercise; simple and not time-consuming.
  15. Mrs. Binh Luong, in San Jose CA. Before practicing “Back to Nature,” I had numbness on my toes and it occasionally ran to my knees, happening every two or three days the same way. It’s been like this for decades. The doctor advised me to make a special high heel shoes so I can ease the pain. After a few days the numbness returned. I exercised but not very regularly. I only practice “Back to Nature” Qi Gong few months but not diligently. I only do a few moves and will try to practice more. My leg pain has not been reduced very much, but there are other advances, as I no longer have constipation as before, my throat is not bitter and my bad breath is gone. I will try to practice more and often, to cure my legs numbness.