Heaven, Human, and Earth are basic elements of the philosophy of life of Vietnamese Ancestors.

Human is a bridge of Heaven and Earth.

Earth is the supporter of the Human physical life.

Heaven is a spacious spirit of human.

Human cannot be whole without the connections of Heaven and Earth.

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The sun shines through the branches, radiating its light over a peaceful landscape. The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming with beautiful colors. The clouds gently float on the wind, adding more touches to the clear blue sky. What an incredible sight Creation has brought to humanity. Have you ever experienced such a gift?

 Dear friends, please don’t ever think that you are too young to be troubled with health. Don’t ever think that you are too old to give up.

However, where, when, and what kind of practice, etc. are questions everyone would ask in this busy modern life. This is the message I would like to deliver in this little book; we will practice: BACK TO NATURE AND BREATHING.

Breathing is an essential part of everyone’s life;

A lack of knowledge and training in Breathing has been and is the cause of myriad illnesses for many generations.


This book acts as a friendly reminder, for you and me, and everyone living on this planet; back to Nature, enjoy Creation’s beauty, be aware and practice our breathing, don’t let it become too late like my grandfather.

Thanks so much to “Back to Nature,” my health had been restored from a poor mentally and physically ill person to a healthy and helpful one. Also, I’d like to thank Mother Nature for having always opened her arms and protecting me every single day. Thanks so much in this life for teaching me incredible lessons.

The broad sky is everywhere, the earth is wide to support us every single minute, and the free air is always there to nurture us every second. It is important for every one of us to realize the help and protection from Nature, then make a commitment to train our bodies, to believe in ourselves alongside Nature’s support and our bodies will be healthy and happy.


Back to Nature and Breathing is a handbook bearing my dream. It is a simple dream with a simple method; humans will escape the pain of illness, live without depression, and be truly happy every moment of their lives.

 Walking barefoot on the grass, I feel as if I were a Queen striding on my endless kingdom. My realm is the sky and earth, flowers, plants and grass; there are no boundaries to it.

I wish “Back to Nature” method to continue to grow and spread everywhere, become a healthy rain bringing life to all things, help revitalize old trees, blossom, and awake seeds that have been buried in the dirt all these years that rejoice upon rediscovering themselves.

Author: Nhu Nguyen