Heaven, Human, and Earth are basic elements of the philosophy of life of Vietnamese Ancestors.

Human is a bridge of Heaven and Earth.

Earth is the supporter of the Human physical life.

Heaven is a spacious spirit of human.

Human cannot be whole without the connections of Heaven and Earth.

The sun shines through the branches, radiating its light over a peaceful landscape. The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming with beautiful colors. The clouds gently float on the wind, adding more touches to the clear blue sky. What an incredible sight Creation has brought to humanity. Have you ever experienced such a gift?

"Back to Nature and Breathing" is a handbook bearing my dream. It is a simple dream with a simple method; humans will escape the pain of illness, live without depression, and be truly happy every moment of their lives.....read more

Author: Nhu Nguyen     

6 Basic Movements

Basic exercise of DanTien (lower abdomen) and coordination of breathing of the “Back to Nature.” This is the first exercise for beginners and also the first exercise of the day in the class.

The purpose of this exercise is to:

  • Stimulates the activity of the abdominal muscles and joints of the pelvic area.
  • Transport the Blood and living force to the DanTien (lower part of belly); a chi center that needs to be supplemented to begin a cycle of body healing and peace of mind.
  • Stimulate the excretory and digestive system.


Workout methods:

  • Breathing out and in should lengthen as your ability improves.
  • Exercise time depends on the health of each person; do not over exert yourself with too much effort.
  • Students should touch the ground by hand or foot during training to balance bioelectricity.
  • Moving slowly with control and should not be too fast.
  • While exercising, you should maintain a serene smile on your face; the effect will increase your greatness.
  • Learn one movement each time; try to master it before progressing to the next move.
  • After having mastered the movements and coordinating with breath, you should apply the breaths of the level: basic, intermediate, or advance and practice according to your ability and health.
  • If possible, you should do all the movements one time. If you do not have much time, you can take one or two minutes to complete one or two moves.


Click links to watch training video at YOUTUBE.


  1. First Movement
  2. Second Movement
  3. Third Movement
  4. Fourth Movement
  5. Fifth Movement
  6. Six Movement