Heaven, Human, and Earth are basic elements of the philosophy of life of Vietnamese Ancestors.

Human is a bridge of Heaven and Earth.

Earth is the supporter of the Human physical life.

Heaven is a spacious spirit of human.

Human cannot be whole without the connections of Heaven and Earth.

The sun shines through the branches, radiating its light over a peaceful landscape. The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming with beautiful colors. The clouds gently float on the wind, adding more touches to the clear blue sky. What an incredible sight Creation has brought to humanity. Have you ever experienced such a gift?

"Back to Nature and Breathing" is a handbook bearing my dream. It is a simple dream with a simple method; humans will escape the pain of illness, live without depression, and be truly happy every moment of their lives.....read more

Author: Nhu Nguyen     



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 Back to Nature

  "Back to Nature" is the translation of Vietnamese words "Hoan Nhien" , a theory of Vietnamese qigong training to achieve a good life in both mental and physical fields. This theory has been handed down from generation to generation in Viet Nam. “Hoan” means return, be back. Attune. “Nhien” means nature. “Hoan Nhien” means “Back to Nature,” attune to the flow of Nature energy; Heaven and Earth. “Back to Nature” is a way of living, for a normal life of each person. “Back to Nature” is a way of training in order to attain a peaceful life of a whole Body and Mind. “Back to Nature” is a way to activate a natural healing source hidden in the human connection to natural energy while training the body and soul, aiming at recovering the living force of body and soul that exhausted by time.........read more



Basic exercise of DanTien (lower abdomen) and coordination of breathing of the “Back to Nature.” This is the first exercise for beginners and also the first exercise of the day in the class.

The purpose of this exercise is to:

• Stimulates the activity of the abdominal muscles and joints of the pelvic area.

• Transport the Blood and living force to the DanTien (lower part of belly); a chi center that needs to be supplemented to begin a cycle of body healing and peace of mind.

• Stimulate the excretory and digestive system.




(Including 18 poses)

Exercise with gentle and slow movements combined with a slow rhythm breath while practice.

This exercise has the following effects:

• Unlocking the stagnation of the meridians, which caused the illness of the body and mind.

• Promotes blood circulation and chi in the meridians and viscera.

• Rebalances the disturbance of emotions resulted from life-induced disorders.

• Circulate the Human Living Force with Heaven and Earth's chi.

Soft Hand Qigong is a type of exercise to train the body and internal living force to smooth the chi channels in the body.

Soft Hand Qigong is a kind of exercise from softness to hardness, from slow to fast, from soul to body, from the visceral and the spiritual, then to the muscles and tendons.

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 (Including 12 poses)

Hard Hand Qigong is a training exercise to create the strength of the body, similar to lifting weights but without actually using weights. In this qigong, the practitioner uses his arm to manipulate a kind of spiral (torsion) motion to twist the two tendons of the arm muscles to the maximum. The tendons are connected to each other in the joints, so when the tendons are mobilized, the blood and vesicles will reach the ends of the bones more to recreate mucus in the joints.

This is a Yang Qi Gong, creating the strong and firm tendons. Because it is Yang Qi Gong, training will generate a lot of heat in the body. When the training is completed, practitioner should do the “Collect Chi through the Dantien” (Inhale with nose; lean backward, stretch arms upward along the both side of the body above the head, eyes look up to the tips of the fingers touching each other. Exhale with mouth and pronounce a long “a”; at the same time, apply the maximum power to the arms, the body and push hands along closely the body from head down to the belly).

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